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Our trainers

Jean-Luc Cécile

Instrumentation Expert

A chemist by training, Jean-Luc is an Instrumentation and Water quality Monitoring specialist. He has a high degree of expertise in qualitative analysis instruments, combined with real experience in the field. Anxious to transmit his knowledge, Jean-Luc has long been a trainer and teacher-researcher in different organisations.

Christian Calon

Mechanics and pumping expert

Specialist in mechanics and pumping, Christian has a rich professional career, in France and abroad. For more than 15 years, he has been technical manager in the fields of networks and pumping for Veolia Water. Throughout his career, Christian has been keen to share his expertise by becoming a training manager and trainer.

Philippe Courcot

Centrifugal Pumps Expert

With 35 years of experience with entities such as Alstom-Bergeron or Sulzer, Philippe has a high level of expertise in the pumping field. His areas of expertise range from centrifugal pumps to pumping stations and more widely to water treatment plants.

Bernard Hinaut

Drinking Water Expert

Expert in agronomy and water management, Bernard has a perfect mastery of the problems of drinking water treatment. He has developed several simulators and has been responsible for conducting tests and pilots at Degrémont. He was also instructor at ENGEES.

Régis Ingouf

Water Resources Expert

Engineer in hydrogeology and water resources, Régis was responsible for sanitation projects and responsible for the exploitation of the water resources of two departments. He has also been a trainer with SAUR and CNFPT on the topics of exploitation and management of groundwater resources.

William Levasseur

Water treatment Expert

Many years working at Lyonnaise des Eaux and Degrémont, William has an advanced expertise in water qualitative analysis, in water treatment processes management and in water treatment plants design. William is currently the Water Management’s Deputy Director of the Métropole de Rouen.

Roger Pujol

Sanitation Expert

With a good knowledge of the sanitation industry, Roger is the leader of the sanitation business network in France and a trainer at leading schools and training organizations. He worked for many years for Suez Eau France, particularly on energy optimization, design and operation of wastewater treatment plants.

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